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Tiarra Edmundson graduated with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University. She has also pursued formal education and training in Computer Science, which provides her with a different, yet complementary perspective and skill set. While these two seemingly different fields of study appear at odds with each other, by juxtaposing the two, she strives to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking balance between the logic and the whimsy of artistic expression.

Tiarra specializes in acrylic and oil painting on canvas, although she is also professionally trained in ceramics and illustration. Her works can be characterized by their colourful abstract compositions that often incorporate mathematical devices. Embedded in her paintings are a series of algorithmic or scientific computations that are rooted in mathematics.

"I use the same concepts moving forward into my career as a Marketing Director as I do with my creative Praxis. I strive for efficiency while maintaining artistic integrity. I believe it is important to achieve aesthetic harmony while maximizing return on investment. My eclectic accomplishments make for a rich creative experience when creating campaigns"

Tiarra Edmundson 



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